Q         Why do I need to have the party walls of floors tested?

The Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE) came into force in 2003. At the same time new regulations introduced pre-completion sound insulation testing of separating walls and floors in dwellings and flats. The test is to demonstrate compliance with the sound insulation performance standards in Approved Document E. The Regulations apply to all new and converted residential buildings, which do not use “Robust Details”.


Q         When is Pre-completion testing carried out


When the building works are largely finished but the rooms are unfurnished. Ideally the site should also be quiet, have 240V power available, have doors and windows fitted in at least some rooms, and not have carpets fitted.


Q         Why should I use Alpha to do the testing?


Alpha Acoustics is an ANC registered test organisation and carries out all sound insulation tests in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and the relevant British Standards. Alpha will provide an efficient cost effective service, often at short notice



Q         How much notice should I give Alpha that I need a test


As long as possible -  however Alpha recognises that this is often a critical time, prior to placing the property on the market, and will do its best to respond to your needs at short notice.


Q         How long before I get the results?

Alpha will try to get the preliminary results for you within 12-18 hours of the test   -. Test certificates and can normally be provided within a day or so of the test. Alpha will also, if required, liaise with the Council or your Approved Inspector.


Q         What happens if one or more tests is failed? 


From time to time a wall or floor will not meet the required standard. Alpha will help guide you through the remedial process, providing a retest if necessary, at reduced rates.


Q         Can Alpha help me with Preliminary Advice?


Yes. If you are not confident in specifying Sound Insulation works or are worried about failing the sound test, Alpha will specify the materials and methods you need to use.

This service is usually based on a site visit, but can be carried out without site visit if detailed plans are available and you have a good knowledge about the construction of the property. Advice can be given either verbally or in a written report with detailed sound insulation specifications. If the property is in a suitable condition a preliminary sound test can be carried out to indicate the sound insulation performance prior to conversion works.


Q         Can Alpha test a few examples, before I complete all the walls and floors?


If the development is substantial or non-standard, with a large number of similar walls and floors to built or upgraded, Alpha can test the first examples you complete. If the performance meets requirements, the remaining construction can be completed with more confidence.


Q         I have a Robust Details departure – can Alpha help


Yes.  As a large developer you may have opted for ‘Robust Details’ solutions to meet the Regulatory requirements. On occasions the design or build may result in a departure from a Robust Detail. Alpha will perform pre-completion tests to ‘fill-in’ these ‘gaps’.