Sound Insulation Testing

Alpha is an Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) member company covering the SouthWest, London and Southeast, Thames Valley and West Midlands .
Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE) came into force in 2003. At the same time new regulations introduced pre-completion testing for sound insulation, to demonstrate compliance with ADE. The regulations apply to all new and converted residential buildings, which do not use “Robust Details”.
Pre-completion testing
When the building works are largely finished but the rooms are unfurnished, Alpha will carry out ‘Pre-completion testing’ to demonstrate that the sound insulation meets the performance requirements in the Regulations. It is recognised that this is often a critical time prior to placing the property on the market - Alpha will provide an efficient service often at short notice. Test certification  can normally be provided within a day or so of the test (subject of advance payment of test fee). If required we will liaise with the Council following testing. 
As a large developer you may have opted for ‘Robust Details’ solutions to meet the Regulations requirements. On occasions the design or build may result in a departure from a RD. Alpha will perform tests to ‘fill-in’ these ‘gaps’
Alpha provides a range of other related services designed to suit the varying needs of developers, architects, builders and agents. The services described below are available singly or as a package. 
Preliminary Advice
​Before building or conversion work commences Alpha can provide you with advice and guidance on the available options. After an inspection of the property, or review of detailed plans, advice can be given either verbally or by a written report with detailed sound insulation specifications.
If the property is in a suitable condition a preliminary test can be carried out to indicate the existing insulation performance of a wall or floor.
During works
​If the development is substantial with a number of similar walls and floors to built or upgraded, Alpha can test an early sample. If the performance meets requirements the remaining construction can be completed with confidence. Equally, if you have concerns during the works Alpha can provide guidance along the way.    
Remedial advice and retesting 
​From time to time a wall or floor will not meet the required standard. Alpha will help you to overcome the problem, providing remedial advice and if necessary a retest, at reduced rates.
Contact  Alpha for a quotation for the above services. Alpha does not charge for general advice by phone – feel free to discuss your requirements, concerns and how Alpha may best assist you.
Further information on the requirements, how tests are carried out, and other useful information and contacts are provided here.